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Case Study: Coca Cola – Open Happiness through Music

What is Coke Studio all about? Coke Studio is an initiative to bring music of different genres together in a mellifluous mélange by the world’s largest beverages company, Coca-Cola. Originally the concept of a Brazilian show called Estudio Coca-Cola, the idea was repurposed for the subcontinent with India and Pakistan having their own versions. The […]

Case Study: The Red Elephant Foundation – MyWorld / Post 2015 Agenda

Social Media has the power to change how civil society participates and influences causes and issues they deeply care about. Leveraging Social Media for the My World Campaign Set up in June 2013, The Red Elephant Foundation’s work has pivoted around social media and digital media, as it works through storytelling and interactive engagement online. […]

Digital Media Campaigns and Movies

Did you change your profile picture to include the light saber? Regardless of whether one has seen the original installments of Star Wars or not, today, the world has so ubiquitously come to know of the film – even millennials born way after the movies released – thanks to a clever digital media campaign. From […]

Case Study: Slice of Health – Health is wealth, literally!

Building a Brand Platform benefits the company by creating an emotional and functional connect with the customer that will ultimately increase the offline recall value of the brand itself. What’s the campaign all about? Chola MS, a General Insurance Company in India, offers a wide range of insurance policies for individuals and the corporate sector. […]

Case Study: Paper Boat – Quenching thirst by rekindling memories

What was the campaign about? Paper Boat is a brand of traditional Indian juices and drinks by Hector Beverages. What caught our key about this young, vibrant brand is the emotional connect it has made with consumers in a short span of time. Not an easy task, given the large budgets of some alternate / […]

Inception Day 2015, Gurgaon

Inception Business Services proudly presents Inception Day 2015 – an annual event connecting business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers. What’s on this year: Panel discussion on New age marketing such as Inbound, Content, Digital and Social Media marketing; Keynote address; and Launch of our eBook featuring Indian brands and businesses that have made New age marketing […]

Demystifying Net Neutrality

Everyone’s talking about Net Neutrality. Typically a principle that dictates that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments should treat data packets on the internet equally, Net Neutrality is a campaign that seeks to question the discriminatory rate regime that is being imposed on the data packets that one accesses using the internet. The point […]

Brand Platforms -In the Era of Social Media

One of the greatest challenges for a Brand, is to be able to connect with its desired Target Group (TG); more so today, with the explosion of online and social media marketing clamouring for mind share. So how can your brand rise above the noise and be heard, given various time, money and resource constraints? […]