Monthly Archives: February 2016

Social Media for Brands – How do you decide

Marketing online might conjure up images of building a presence across multiple platforms. With everyone and their neighbour getting online, there is a lot of emphasis on finding a way to stand out in the crowd. But, this shouldn’t be the sole factor in motivating a brand to build its presence on every imaginable social […]

Case Study: MakeMyTrip – Empowering the Indian Traveller

What’s the campaign all about? is the pioneer that kicked off the online travel revolution in India by allowing users to book tickets on flights and to arrange for hotels and accommodation across the world. The Indian travel industry found a revolutionary addition in the form of convenience in planning and arranging for trips […]

There’s nothing FREE about it. That’s BASIC.

If you’re here with hazy to vague knowledge on the Free Basics debate, let’s start by jogging your memory on what Net Neutrality is by directing you to our earlier post on the topic. The significantly hyped up Free Basics programme from Facebook has run into quite a bit of trouble, particularly around those who […]

Case Study: Urban Ladder – Beautiful Homes start here

In a short span of four years, many of us in India have latched on to online shopping for home décor and furniture. The birth and growth of Urban Ladder is intertwined with this change. Offering everything from accessories to full-fledged practical pieces of furniture directly up to the customer’s doorstep, Urban Ladder has redefined […]