The ABC Of Facebook Insights

Marketing on Facebook is challenging – it’s important to stand out, to have any hope of capturing the attention of its user base. To this end, the way a campaign performs, and the manner in which it translates into fruitful results for a marketer is a vital element to keep an eye on. Insights on Facebook are a boon where this goes – for you not only gain insights into the kind of content that is getting attention, but also to understand exactly where your attention is coming from. Insights are really your playground: you can make the most out of it and gain amply from all the valuable data.

While keeping a finger on the pulse of your insights, here are five important things you need to keep an eye on:

Look at the right statistics:

  • Facebook insights have something called a “reach” for every post, which is reflective of a real and tangible number, but is not as valuable a statistic as the Engagement Rate.
  • It is useful to have your post reach more people. The reach for a post is in your control, only when you are promoting posts using Facebook Ads, or boosting each post as then you can target the right audience.
  • The Engagement Rate is the percentage of people who actually interact with your post, out of all those who have seen it, so itgives a fair assessment of the numbers when it comes to the sharing, liking and commenting on your post.

The Hidden Users:

  • Sometimes, users don’t interact, but may click on a link and read through the content. It is a common mistake to look at the likes, shares and comments, and end it there, but the hidden consumers of content still add to the visibility of your posts, as it means people are engaging more with your content than you realise.
  • To study these interactions using the insights, use Engagement and sort through it to see the posts that gained the most number of clicks in blue. Clicking on the post link will give you an insight into the entire breakdown of each statistic.

Download the Data:

  • While the insights one can access from the backend on Facebook is helpful, it tells only part of the story. Downloading the data and looking at the bigger picture is the right way to assess your insights.
  • A great load of information on a dashboard of a Facebook page is useful superficially, but when you download your data, you can manipulate and sort its presentation, and study it with a sense of clarity, and this in turn, will help you make your notes and keep an eye on particular trends.
  • Studying post data individually and in comparison with one another will help you assess which of the lot you gain the most interaction from.

Study the static and the dynamic:

  • In studying insights, it is important to not only make an assessment of statistics at a given time, but also equally important to ensure that there is a comparative analysis of the interactions across the board over a given time.
  • This will help benchmark the maximum amount of interactivity, and then identify deviations and variances across the board in the trends.
  • This will then be useful to identify seasonal and annual fluctuations in interactivity, and comes in handy while formulating and bringing out campaigns.

Keep watching: One of the most underrated uses of Facebook insights is the ability to keep a pulse on the competition.

  • This feature enables a page administrator to add up to 100 pages to watch, where it assesses the competition and its engagement strategy, and offers a quick, overall snapshot that can help assess what went right and wrong with the competition.
  • In operating the pages to watch, admins have the option to look into the Posts segment, which allows you to see the posts that went up on the pages you watch, which have gotten the most engagement.

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